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The minute I picked up the book, I was already prospering! Regularly it sells for like $7. The price tag on the book said $3. And I bought it for $1.50…Quite the deal! Prospering already!!!

This is a very small 64 page book; yet it is packed with timeless information that will serve you the rest of your life, if you choose to let it! Normally when I read a book, I underline quotations or ideas that I love and I dog ear that page so I can remember to go back to it when I blog. I found it very difficult to underline quotations in this book because I found myself underlining almost everything! This book is packed with affirmations to help you live a prosperous life! It also has very definite instructions on how to live your life so that the result is prosperity! It is very clear and concise!

If you are like most Americans (I won’t dare speak for other countries), you probably live pay check to pay check and are over extended. You probably worry about how a bill is going to get paid, and your next paycheck is already spent before you even see the money in the bank! Are you tired of living that way? I know I am!

My best friend is a single mom with 3 children. I adore her! She totally impresses me with the way she lives her financial life! She manages to have a savings account and I never see her worrying about how she is going to pay a bill. I don’t know how much she gets paid, but I know how much WE here at this house get paid, and our story is MUCH different! I often find myself asking the question, “Why?????” Granted, the way I feel about money is ten times (maybe even more) better than it was back in 2006! I have done alot of healing around money since then. Back then, I had severe panic attacks and was constantly worried about money and stressing over money. Not so much anymore. But now it’s time to peel back another layer and make some more changes!!!!

While reading this book, none of it was new to me. I have read and/or heard these principles before. Nothing new, but as every day is a new day and we are constantly changing, sometimes even things we have heard before take on new meaning to us. Thus is the case with this book!

Here are the steps to Prosperous Thinking:
1) Create a vacuum to receive: clean out negative/old ways of thinking/beliefs that are no longer serving you. Clean out your house, garage, closets, cars of things that are cluttering your space.

2) Get definite about prosperity: “write down on paper what you feel you wnat to be, have, accomplish, and experience for the day, week, month or year….Dare to be definite about prosperity, if you want prosperity to be definite in manifesting for you.”

3) Mentally picture your good: “Psychologists declare that imagination is one of the mind’s strongest powers. the more you dare to image your desired good as a fulfilled result, and the more you dare to live your mental images, the faster the imaging power of the mind will begin producing almost magical results for you.”

4) Speaking daily affirmations: you are definite, you are imagining them, now DECLARE THEM!!! “My world is the perfect creation of divine substance. The finished results of divine substance now appear as peace, health, and plenty is my world.”

Here is a thought I loved about this: “In the beginning the world was created by definite, spoken affirmations, as God declared, ‘Let there be…’ You can and should create your world accordingly, becuase you are created in the image and likeness of God, and you, too, have the power to form substance through your definite, spoken decrees for good.”

5) Declaring prosperity yours NOW!: “Also, give yourself the thought of increased good by thinking of yourself as already looking, acting, and living as successfully adn prosperously as you truly desire to be.”

(This does not mean spend as if you have all the money you desire…this simply means to FEEL and walk as if. Be grateful for it NOW! This has been a big problem for some who have read or seen the movie The Secret..or for some who have followed James Arthur Ray who encouraged you to spend on credit cards and live as if the money was there now..when it wasn’t. I saw so many people go into bankruptcy because of this.)

The last thought in the 1st chapter of this book was on persistance….which is very important. I loved this quote:

“Before success comes in any man’s life, he is sure to meet with much temporary defeat and, perhaps, some failure. When defeat overtakes a man, the easiest and most logical thing to do is QUIT. that is exactly what the majority of men do. More than five hundred of the most successful men this ountry has ever known told the author their greatest success came just one step beyond the point at which defeat had overtaken them.”

There is so much more to this book. If I continued writing, it would be longer than the actual book itself. Since it is sooo short, I seriously recommend you purchase it yourself. It will change your life!


I picked up this easy to read 135 page book when I went to see His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar while he was here in Boise.  Until recently, I had never even heard of him but all of a sudden, I have seen him twice in 2 days (1st a major public appearance and 2nd at a private gathering at my church) and now I have read just one of his books.  When I went to the resource table at the big event, I looked around at all the books and all the cd’s that were there.  The title of this book is why I ultimately chose the book.  I can always use a little more fun in my life.

This book touches on the topics of fun, true intimacy, the four approaches to practical and spiritual life, real laughter, dealing with feelings, the nature of God and being a fool.  When I picked up the book to check it out, I noticed these topics and thought, “Wow!  This should be a fun read…, laughter, being a fool!  That’s right up my alley!”

I have to say that when I started reading the book, I kept hearing Sri Sri’s voice as if he was saying it to me instead of me reading it.  It made reading this book so much more fun.  I saw his gentle smile and heard his laughter in the words he wrote.  I saw the mischievous look in his eyes when he cracked the jokes.  It really did make this book that much more enjoyable.  But even without that first hand experience with Sri Sri, the book is a very easy and enjoyable read.  It does get into some very deep thinking, and I did have to re-read things on several occasions.  This is definitely a book that will need to be read a couple of times.  Good thing it only takes a couple of hours to read to begin with!

So what did I learn?  It is more about what I re-learned.  I take things too seriously.  Reading this book just reminds me of that.

  • I learned that God loves fools and that being foolish is really being more like God than being this serious person is.  The chapter on being a fool was very enlightening!
  • I learned more about laughter!  I have taken laughter yoga classes, and this just reiterated what I learned from those classes.
  • He also talked about observing our feelings; this is something I was working on in therapy.  This is also something I read about in Geneen Roth’s book.  So here I go again, re-learning it in this book.  Being mindful of my feelings, allowing myself to feel them, and then let go.  Sri Sri suggests taking the feeling to its height (which may mean feeling at your lowest) and once you have done that, you have  felt and experienced all there is to feel with that feeling and it will just disappear.  How cool is that?  He says to feel it, but not to act on it.
  • Stop paying attention to happenings.  When we are attached to happenings, we create opinions, then we are stuck and attached to them.  We are living in the past and we will never remain open to new experiences and live in NOW.
  • “An enlightened person may not say, “I love you so much.”  In the very presence, you can feel the love.  In the very breath, you can experience love.  In the very look, you can experience love.  In any word spoken, you will hear that it is full of love.  The very existence is love.  That is enlightened love.”
  • “True intimacy is not in a hurry; it’s not anxious.  It relaxes, it knows.”
  • I am you.  You are me.  We are God.  We are all one creation/mind manifesting itself in different bodies.  This brings a whole new depth to the belief that we are One.  The book explains it so beautifully :).
  • In most of our problems, the biggest issue we have is the fight we have with our mind.  This is so true.  When I am miserable or depressed or stressed, it is because of an issue/conflict I am having within my mind.  It is MY experience, my THINKING that is causing me so much distress.  Sri Sri talks about letting go and surrendering.  and Forgiving myself.
  • This is one of my favorite paragraphs in the book:  “Thinking is like chewing gum.  It doesn’t produce anything.  You can think about only those things which you know.  and once you know, what is the need to  think about it?  And you can’t think something which you don’t know.  How can you?  It is not possible.  Ultimately, thinking is useless!!!”
  • Here is a great strategy for life:  “See life as a game, as a play.  You are God, you know it.  I am God, I know it.  So let us play. And when you come from that level of consciousness, there is nothing to teach.  Only being.  Come and sit, be with me for a while.  That is enough, for you and I are one.  This is love,  isn’t it?  That is what God is telling you every day, ‘I am doing everything.  You come and sit with me.  Whatever needs to be done, I will get it done through you.  You simply stop existing.'”  I know I am guilty of taking life too seriously..always looking for a connection to God..always learning..always searching.  It’s what I do.  Yet, I have found recently that all I want to do is do things that make me smile, feel joy and live.  I find myself wanting to PLAY and be joyful.  Not only am I WANTING to do this but I AM DOING this.  It’s pretty darn cool!

I will close with this last quote found in the chapter about being a fool.  “George Bernard Shaw said somewhere, ‘Cricket is a game where eleven fools play and eleven thousand watch.’  It is true.  All games are foolish acts.  A game is a game because it is foolish.  If you find meaning, purpose, aim and competition, you destroy the whole game.”  How about we just stop looking for the meaning of life, and just in-joy it!  Have fun!  Play!  Laugh!  And just BE!

First let me say, I love all of Dan Millman’s books!  If you haven’t read Way of the Peaceful Warrior, it’s a  MUST read.  Check it out in the library, buy it in the book store, whatever you gotta do, just do it!  *laugh*

As you might have guessed.  I LOVE books.  So a trip to the book store for ONE books, usually means I come out with 2 or 3 of them.  🙂  So it should be no surprise to anyone that when I went to the book store to pick up The Four Agreements and The Fifth Agreement, I decided to look around at what else was out there.  Sure enough, I came across a book by Dan Millman that I had no yet read:  The Laws of Spirit.  At only 110 pages, I thought this would be the perfect book to read while I waited for my friend who was having surgery.

It’s a narrative about a man who takes a hike and comes across a hut with a sage living there….way up in the  mountains.  He ends up spending a couple of days with this sage and they hike through the woods.  While spending this time with her, she shares with him the Laws of Spirit.  It is a spellbinding  journey that is sure to delight you and inspire you to grow.  I LOVED it!

Here are a quick list of the laws as listed in the book:  Balance, Choices, Process, Presence, Compassion, Faith, Expectation, Integrity, action, Cycles, Surrender and Unity.

At the beginning of each chapter there is a philosophical/poetic passage about each law, and then there is a quote by some great thinking/author/spiritual person.  This book is a treasure chest filled with gems!

As usual, there are so many deep thoughts and quotes I would love to share with you.  But I think I will let you discover them on your own.  This truly is a quick and fun read.  You will enjoy it.  However, I will leave you with this beautiful gem…for all of you cat lovers out there, this is for you:

“No cat I have ever known gave much due to past or future.  Like the wisest of sages, cats live each moment afresh.”  I’ll let you figure out which Law this pertains to :).

Create a beautiful day!