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This week marks the 8th week in’s 8 Week Super Summer Challenge.  I had a few goals set for this challenge…..

  • Release 10#
  • Skate up the 8 levels of the 8th St. Parking Garage
  • A faster 5K  (goal to beat 44:44)
  • Get up to 10# free weights without hurting my tennis elbow
  • Faster 25 Derby Laps (Last pace 5:00.02)
  • Finish the See Jane Run 1/2 Marathon in 03:30:00 (I finished in 03:29:59 according to clock but ankle timer was a few seconds faster)
Having finished the 1/2 marathon in the right time….and stepping on the scale yesterday with a total of 9.8# released so far (certain I will make the 10# goal)….and already using the 10# weights 3x/week without elbow pain…that still left me with the faster 5K, the parking garage and the laps…
Last night, my hubby and I made a little visit to the 8th Street Parking Garage with my skates!  I felt all sneaky like.  A part of me KNEW that this couldn’t be allowed in the parking garages, but my friends had done it before and didn’t mention getting busted.  But either way, I wasn’t gonna take the chance.  So We went up to level 2 where the parking starts to get my skates on. *laugh*  I didn’t want the attendants to see me rolling in through the gates *laugh*  Anyway, I skated up there.  I am not certain what preconceived notions I had of this adventure, but I thought I would KILL me.  I thought it would be harder than heck!  Yes, there were parts that were hard.  Every level had an up ramp and then a semi flat part.  So my legs had a bit of a rest at every level.  One thing I did notice was that the cement was grippy and hard to push on..especially going up the up ramps!  By the time I got to the top of every up ramp, my legs were noodles!  I was very grateful when I got to level 4 and the cars thinned out and I had the place to myself for the remainder of my skate..which made it that much more enjoyable!

Resting the legs on the "flat level" enjoying my skate 🙂

Skating is always worth smiling about!

Contemplation, alone time, pushing hard up hill!

Made It!!!


I had not planned on coasting down.  I thought that would certainly kill me!  But once we got to the top and took some pictures, I thought…”Why not!  At least on the empty levels!”  So I started down on the “flat” part of the level and realized the “flat part” wasn’t so flat and I was already catching some speed.  The steep parts might be a bit intense.  I turned the corner to go down my first steep part, when I heard my husband yell from the car….”CAR!!!”  I looked up and stopped. It wasn’t just any car, it was security!  BUSTED!!!!!!
“Ma’am, you can’t skate in the parking garages.”  He said with a smile and amused look in his eyes.
“Okay,” I replied.  “I just wanted to skate up the garage.  And I’m done so I’m leaving anyway.  Thanks.”
The passenger security guard looked at me with a laugh, “I bet that was a workout!”
“Yes, sir.  That was the point.  I did it, and now I’m getting in my car and driving down.”
They were all smiles and very sweet. I think they were expecting to find a rowdy mouthy teenagers and were shocked to find a 42 year old woman!  *laugh*  It was fun..and boy did I feel like the rebellious teenager they were expecting!  Ha!  It’s good for the soul!
One more goal down…….a few more to go!
Last night I went to bed early.  I knew it would be a cool morning and I wanted to get up and out early for my run.  So this morning, I woke up and I could feel it!  Today was going to be the day!  I put on my running shoes, got my Nike+ Ap running and hit the pavement.  My knees were trying to tell me otherwise.  My back was trying to tell me I was crazy. My lungs were NOT happy.  And my mind wanted to play games with me!  I just told them all to be quiet..we were gonna do this today!!!!  So I ran…and walked…and ran some more.  I didn’t use my formal 4 min run 2 min walk training, but I was close.  My running was faster, my form (thanks to Chi Running) is getting better.  But I’m still running too fast for my lungs.  Gotta work on that.  Anyway… I did it!  My  original goal was faster than the 45 minute pace I had been running for my 1/2 marathon training.  Then I had the crazy goal of 43 minutes today.  A goal is no good unless it is specific..faster just wouldn’t do.  I needed a specific time!   So I set what felt like an impossible goal to reach..shaving off 2 minutes of my time in a week?  Seriously?
Well ya know what?  You are more than you ever imagined you can be!!!!  You are a limitless being of the Divine Creator.  AND SO AM I!!!!
Today, I finished my 5K in 42:38!!!!!!!!
5K time 42:38
So there ya  have it….2 more goals checked off the list!  I will get to Eagle Skate Park sometime this week to re-run laps and see where I am :).  What goals are you reaching for????