What is there to say about me?  I’m your typical stay-at-home-mom & professional volunteer extraordinaire!
I have 3 children ages 20, 17, and 10.  My 20 year old, Nick, is married and moved across the country.  Since my other two are still home and in school all day, it gives me lots of time to volunteer (even if most of my volunteer time is spent in the evenings).  How does that logic work?  I’m not sure either!  I have been a stay-at-home-mom for nearly 17 years.  Yes, I have had a couple of full-time jobs here and there, but not for every long.  If truth were to be told, I really don’t know what I want to be when I grow up!

I have been to college.  I finished up a certificate program in Storytelling.  Yes, I am (or have been) a professional storyteller.  I loved that job, but there isn’t alot of money in it, and when we moved to Boise, Idaho, people assumed storytelling was either for historical purposes or children.  Neither of those are my favorites.  So I kinda closed up shop on that.  Then I went to massage school.  I am a Certified Massage Therapist; I had my own business for 4 years, but grew tired of that as well.  It really wasn’t  my passion.  I learned alot, and I loved my clients.  It just didn’t excite  me, and I felt like my clients deserved someone who was passionate about it.  So I closed my practice.  Now I am a Team Beachbody Coach.  I sell home workout DVD’s and nutritional products.  I use the products myself, and I love what I sell.   Mostly, I just love helping other people get healthy.  With all of this said, I would still love to go back to college and earn a degree in……SOMETHING!

My first blog talks a bit about my spiritual thoughts, so I will just say a bit here.  I believe in alot of things and subscribe to no ONE thing.  I believe in a Higher Power and that the divine lives in us all.  I am constantly reading about something and learning.  Sometimes I find new teachers that I like to learn from.  Right now, I am taking a hiatus from teachers and learning to teach myself.  There is a long drawn out reason for this, and maybe one day I will go into it in a blog.  For right now, lets just leave it at this, shall we?

In my life I have faced many challenges, and I’m sure I have many more to face.  We all have challenges, don’t we?  So I’m not sure why anyone would really want to know about mine; except that maybe it helps to know where I have been and where I’m coming from.  I could give you a laundry list of things, but to me it sounds like I’m complaining about my life, and that isn’t my purpose here on this Blog.  When the need arises, I will write about them.  How about that?  Besides, its not the challenges that are important, but what we have learned from them, and boy have I learned alot in 40 years!

Oh ya, I mentioned that I am a professional volunteer extraordinaire.  I guess maybe I should explain. Professional does not mean that I get paid.  One day someone asked me what I did (for a living, is what I assume she meant) and my reply was, “I am a professional volunteer.”  She was shocked and asked, “You mean you can get paid for being a volunteer??!!!”  Ummm..the last time I checked, volunteer meant you didn’t get paid.  I didn’t point that out to her, I just told her that volunteering IS my job.  I am a Junior Girl Scout Leader, a member of the Junior League of Boise, and I volunteer for Allies Linked for the Prevention of HIV and AIDS (a.l.p.h.a.).  I take my volunteering very seriously, and being of service is what I am meant to do with  my life.  So that is what I mean by being a professional volunteer extraordinaire.  I love it!

I am new to this blogging thing so please give me a break.  Leave me comments.  Show me some love.  And let’s have some fun!