So I must have had sex on the brain when I saw the title of this book.  I was too far away to see the subtitle about Golf.  What I saw was the word TEASE!!!!!  I’m not a golfer; as a matter of fact, I have only played a couple of times in my life, and not once in the last 8 years!!!!  So how was I supposed to know she was talking about the Lady’s Tee being red?????????  Ya.  I was clueless!

This is not a book I would have picked up while browsing through a book store.  Mostly because, I think it would be found under the golf section; I did mention I don’t play golf, didn’t I?  However, I was at the Women’s Fitness Celebration Women’s Show picking up my numbers for the 5K happening the following Saturday, when I ran across a booth that had a banner that said “Sassy Reading” and had a shirt that said “Hot Woman”.  It peaked my interest.  I stepped into the booth and met the amazing and witty Elaine Romano who happened to write this book as well as 4 others.  I bought all 5 of the books..including one about a sport I have only played a couple of time and totally suck at!!!!

For all those women out there who have tried playing golf, or do play golf but could be a bit better, or play for the fashion statements that you can make…this book is for you!  Do you have a husband who LOVES golf and you go along to try to participate in a sport he loves?  This book is for you!!!  It is filled with the humorous outlook of a woman who just doesn’t take herself or her handicap very seriously!  It’s a collection of short stories about the rules, learning to play, the fashion, the mens attitudes towards women golfers and tips!  It’s hilarious and helpful all at the same time!  Reading this actually made me want to get out there and try my hand at the game of Golf again.  It would be a fun time to spend with my hubby, I think….thankfully he doesn’t take it too seriously!  As a matter of fact, as part of this 52 books in 52 weeks The God Project, I think I will let go of some fear and connect with my divine feminine golfer….sounds like fun!!!

Here are some great quotes from the book:

“I decided it was my new mission to learn and play the short game.  From that day forward, I would march to the red tees with a quest to do my best.  I would work my waggle, swivel my swing, follow my focus and go for the green.”  (I loved this quote……it just made me smile.  How often do we march up to a challenge and face it head on..and with humor?)

Visualize victory. Now on the fifth hole on the McCall course, I pretend that the ditches are filled in and that the start south side matches the lush north side of the fairway.  I’m also trying to imagine that the green is flat and that the cup is three feet wide.”  (No matter what the challenges ahead may look like, always visualizing the perfect victory is the perfect way to get it done!)

“Porta Potty Rule. If a woman is out on the back nine and has to use a portable toilet, she can deduct five strokes.”  (I like this..anytime I can deduct strokes is a good time!)

Attitude Rule. Women are allowed and encouraged to laugh, cheer, holler, and dance on the green if the spirit moves them.  Frowning, judgmental onlookers will be tossed into the nearest water hazard.”  (My kind of rule!!!  Why does golf have to be so quiet and subdued…..seriously! )

Big boobs” is not the slow twosome in front of you.  To swing with this physical trait, keep your left arm under and your right arm over the parts in question.”  (hahahahaha  I sooooo totally get this one!!!  Maybe THIS is why golf is a men’s sport….they don’t have to create a good swing with big boobs in the way!)

Then the very last page of print of this book had my laughing hysterically!!!!  The last few pages of this book are songs to sing about golf (set to tunes of popular songs you may know).  The very last one is a Round sung to the tune of “Row Row Row Your Boat”.  If you have ever been part of a Charity Golf Tournament where the golfers have had WAY TOO MUCH TO DRINK……you would laugh at the pictures this last page creates!   LOVED IT!!!!!!