Being with the same man for 27 years (since I was 14) has been a wonderful experience.  But I’m not gonna lie; sometimes I need an extra match to get the fires burning.  So Wednesday night I was thinking about how I used to read books of erotic/romantic poetry and I miss reading poetry.  Then the very next day while walking through the Women’s Show, I came across a booth with a banner that said “Sassy Reading” and “Hot Woman”.  Then I saw this book!

I asked, and the  universe provided!!!

Like I do for all books, I turned to the back cover to see what it had to say.  The top line said, “Are you in the lost and found line looking for your libido?”    How the heck did they know????  I thought that was my secret!  I guess I’m not the only woman in her 40’s trying to renew her mojo!!!!

While I was visiting with the authors in this booth, Elaine offered to read me my “birthday poem”.  I gave her my birth date.  She flipped the pages to May 7th and quietly she read.  Then she looked up at me and looked straight into my eyes with that “Are you ready for this?” look.  She began to read to me…….  When she was done, all I could do was clap my hands, stomp my feet and squeal like a school girl!  SOLD!!!!!

Of course, I bought the book!  Now I realize I am supposed to read one poem a day for a year.  But there were 2 issues with this.  The book started with February 14th…and this is September!!!!  If i waited that long, I would NEVER find my libido!!!!!  Then I had to take my blog into consideration.  I need to read it (entirely) NOW!

I realized as I read this book just how much I miss reading poetry.  I LOVE words.  I truly  have a love affair with them.  I love the way words can make me feel.  I love the words create images in my mind.  I love the way words convey moods and senses.  It  just amazes me.  I wish my husband understood just how much words “do it” for me……..ah well.

This book is amazing!  I realize the word “erotic” may scare some people, but rest assured there was only one “bad” word and it was the F-bomb.  There is nothing “in detail” in this book, but there are certainly words in this book that will make your body respond!  There is a poem for everyone in this book…some sweet and romantic..other hotter and more intense.  There are funny poems in this book that made me laugh out loud and there are poems that made me a bit sad.  There are poems in here that reminded me of times when Tracy traveled for work all of the time, and there are poems about enjoying nature at its finest!

I can’t post quotes for this post because, well it would require sharing whole poems.  I totally think these poems should be read from the book….with chocolate in hand…naked while wrapped in a fur (fake is perfectly fine) blanket..and maybe even with the object of your affection for a romantic night!  They certainly don’t belong on a computer screen!

Get out there and check this book out; it’s a great $12.95 investment :).  It will awaken that fire in your soul..and inspire you!  I promise!