Gators & Taters….A Week of Bedtime Stories

Seven heart-felt stories filled with lovable characters, lessons, fun rhymes and great visuals!  I have to say that there were 2 stories in this book that really tugged at my heart-strings!!!!!

First was Gators & Taters about 2 alligators who are put into a cage and taken on a road trip across the country with the destination being Oregon.  They start in the east coast and it describes the scenery as they move west…including the Grand Canyon (though it never really says Grand Canyon; I just assumed that is what was meant).  Then they stop in Idaho for a rest, and the alligators sneak out of their cage and fall in love with the Idaho farm life.

This story could totally be about me and my husband!!!!  We lived in Florida with the gators, made the road trip to AZ and lived there for several years (visited the grand canyon several times) and then came to visit Idaho and fell in love and move here a month  later!  Two “Florida Gators” fell in love with “farm life” of Idaho (though Tracy and I are NOT farmers…we did fall in love with this quiet, slow-moving state).

This was such a cute story!

Then there was another story called “The Birthday Boy”…’s beware!!!!  This story will make you cry!!!!!  It reminded me of saying goodbye to my oldest song as he moved away to Florida…..

This book is so great…for parents and kids alike!  I can’t wait to  hand it over to my 11-year-old daughter to read!!!

The Magic Potato….La Papa Magica

Okay, admittedly, when I bought the entire set of 5 books that Elaine Romano wrote, I did not look very close at this book.  I knew it would be a picture book, but I had no idea it was a coloring book too!  This book should hardly count as my 52 books in 52 weeks, but well, I’m gonna count it!  *laugh*

So in this day and age where there are so many Spanish-speaking people…especially  here in Idaho with the Migrant workers…this book is perfect!!!  The story is told in both English and Spanish.  It covers subjects such as numbers, days of the week and the order they fall in, colors, and even the different areas of Idaho.  For a young child learning these things, this is the perfect book to lose their imagination in and take a trip on a flying potato!!!  It si very cute.  Naomi said she couldn’t wait to read it and color it (and she is 11 years old).

Truthfully, as I was reading it, i was thinking:  “Maybe I should color in the pictures myself and lose myself in the act of being childlike!”  Ya know, coloring books aren’t just for children!!!