So there I was on the hunt for a rollergirl name when I came across this book!  Of course, I had to purchase it!!!!  In the mean time, I got to email back and forth with the author who encourages me to keep up with my goal of actually being part of the Treasure Valley Rollergirls League :).  Doesn’t get much better than that!

This was such a fun book to read.  I got to learn the history of Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby.  I got a front row seat into all the fabulous drama, fashions, play by play bouts, and all the glitz glamor and guts of roller derby!  I laughed.  I cried.  I cheered.  I was inspired.   Melicious has a fantastic voice when she rights; she truly has a way with words.  From page one, she had me reeled in! And I couldn’t put it down!

Just in case you don’t know what Roller derby is, here is a great quote from the Preface of this book:

“Hosted by sideshow barkers, it’s a sport of speed-skating pinup girls and brutal body checks, played out against a backdrop of head-banging rock.  the spectacle drives fans into a hormone-and-bear-induced frenzy.”

Here are some more great quotes from the book:

“Why stand around and relate, when you can shut up and skate?”

“It’s a complex love-hate relationship, and it colors just about everything in my  life.  Roller Derby was the first time ever that being referred to as a “big girl” was a compliment.”  (So very true!)

“Roller Derby has really increased my acceptance of my own body.  I can use my sie to my advantage in my position as a blocker and pivot-and I’m not longer worries about someone seeing up my skirt…althouth it does help to wear special underwear!” ~ Bad Sister Heide, Vaudeville Vixens/MadRollin’ Dolls  (I loved this!!!)

“Watching pinup girls fumble around on skates is wildly entertaining, and it was obvious that our fans loved it.  But I wanted to do more.  I wanted to be tough and proud.  An athlete.”  (This is so how I feel!)

“Worn by a skater or a fan, a bruise is a badge of honor.”  (I am currently sporting a couple of fabulous bruises on my elbows…and yes I wear elbow pads…and on my shoulders and somehow on the inside of my bicep)

“I like the light in little girls’ eyes when t hey muster up the courage to come and ask for an autograph.  I know that look, and I’m proud to be the source of it…that  mixture of awe and inspiration.” ~ Kim Sin, Furious truckstop Waitresses/Tucson Roller Derby  (I had something like this happen when I was just dressed up in my “boutfit” (roller derby outfit) at the skating rink.  It feels pretty darn good to have little girls look up to you like you are a heroine!)

“Each league and its members are unique, but we all share common goals: to have fun, to push our physical limits, and to challenge the way people view women.”  (Derby will certainly push your physical limits and its so empowering.  We get to look fabulous and sexy AND be powerful and brutal all at the same time! And ITS FUN!!!)

I also dog eared some pages on finding your rollergirl name.  You gotta check out that chapter!  It’s all about finding the right rollergirl persona…I think the name I have fits me perfectly.  My persona….a little of superheroine/sexy librarian/hottie homemaker all rolled into one with the name  Rev. Martha Smashington (real name + violence + formal salutation + celebrity/history) .  It combines my spiritual path (Reverend…I’m not..yet..but I will be..currently studying), my real name (Martha), Violence of (Smash), and celebrity/history (as in Martha Washington which I was always teased about as a kid).  It’s perfect!!!!  Now I just gotta register it!!  Check out this chapter of the book, and find your rollergirl name!  You will have so much fun  with it!

If you are a woman/girl or someone who knows one who loves to roller skate, then pick up this book!  Roller derby is an amazing sport that ANY woman/girl can play.  And there are even junior leagues that the kids can join!  It’s a great self-esteem boost for girls and women of all ages…a great way to accept your body type no matter what it looks like!  This book is a great story of finding you passion, following your dreams and starting something fabulous and turning it into something HUGE!  READ IT!!!!