Let me just say that I think I am in love with Christopher Moore’s writing!  When a friend of mine first suggested I read some of his books, I had my doubts.  Can a writer really be THAT good?  I have since discovered, that “Yes, Virginia, a writer can be that good!”  He can be serious and witty all at the same time.  His writing sucks you in and will make you want to sit in one place until you are done reading the book.  THEN…you will want to rush out and buy another one of his books!

I seriously think that if you are in a bummer of a mood, then you should just pick up one of his books and settle in for a good laugh.  They will certainly lift your mood :).

So…Lamb, The Gospel According To Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal.  Really?  Christ had a childhood pal?  Who’dathunk?  In all of my Bible school classes, I never even thought about Jesus having a regular childhood filled with the joys, pranks, and heart breaks of a regular child.  But why not?  I  mean, in church we were told that Jesus was sent here to earth to live a regular life and be the example of what a perfect sinless life would look like, right?  So in order to do that, wouldn’t he need to have friends/relationships that would tempt him?  Maybe that was Moore’s inspiration when he wrote this book.  I have no idea, but I do know that this book was amazingly funny and insightful.

At the very back of the book, there is a section that is almost a disclaimer i.e. “The names and identifications of the people in this story are fictional but the story is based on truth.”  Okay, that is not what this says, but you get the idea.  Moore does say that he didn’t write this to change your mind on what you believe, but if you do..well then…that’s up to you.  He does say that no one really knows what happened to Jesus  when he disappeared at the age of 10 or so, and that is what Moore says happened is his story.  He did borrow from other religious beliefs and from some of the stories of the Bible.  And from what I know from my studies, he did a great job!  In my opinion, this book while not meant to change our thinking or to prove a point did have some very profound statements and quotes and did make me think a bit about things.

On page 10 of the book, I found one of my most favorite quotes, “Children see magic because they look for it.”  From my studies in Wicca and just from my observations from raising 3 children, I know this to be true.  Children believe in the impossible and are fearless because that is the way we are inherently created.  It isn’t until an adult tells them otherwise, that they stop believing in magic and start becoming afraid of things!  Now think about the Miracles Jesus is said to have done and think about him as a child learning to perform these miracles.  What do you think his friends thought about that?  Then think about the way the ADULTS in the Bible stories reacted to these things….”IMPOSSIBLE!”  If we could only live and see life through the eyes of children!

On a personal level, one of the funniest thoughts/arguments in this book was whether or not Jews should eat Bacon.  When I was younger, I belonged to the Seventh Day Adventist Church, and they ate much like the Jewish people (minus the Kosher part).  We ate only “clean” foods which meant no pork.  So I gave up eating pork  for a couple of decades.  In Lamb, there is a conversation about different types of sin where Joshua (Jesus) basically said that God had a change of heart and we are allowed to eat pork but all other sins like adultery, stealing, lying, killing…..those were all still wrong.  I just thought this was funny.  This subject is mentioned a couple of times in the book, and each time I just got a huge chuckle out of it!  If you were one of those  people raised to believe this way, I’m sure you will get a chuckle too :).

Then there is the serious side of this book.  A big chunk of this book tells the story of what happened when Joshua disappeared between the ages of 10-30.  I don’t know about you, but I have heard different things, like he went to Egypt to learn the Mysteries there.  I guess Moore heard these stories too, because he takes Joshua on a journey to learn how to become the Messiah, and on this journey he studies with different people.  And this is where some of the seriousness takes place.

“The three jewels of the Tao:  compassion, moderation, and humility.  Balthasar said compassion leads to courage, moderation leads to generosity, and humility leads to leadership.”  This isn’t the first time I have heard that to be a good leader you must be humble.  Actually, I had just heard a speaker during a leadership meeting for Junior League say the exact same thing!

Here is another one of the passages I loved:

“What does the Tao value above all else?”….”inaction.  Contemplation.  Steadiness.  Conservatism.  A wall is the defense of a country that values inaction.  But a wall imprisons the people of a country as much as it protects them.  That’s why Balthasar had us go this way.  He wanted me to see the error in the Tao.  ‘One can’t be free without action.'”…”The compassion, humility, and moderation of the Tao, these are the qualities of a righteous man, but not inaction.”……

“Confucius is like the Torah, rules to follow.  And Lao-tzu is even more conservative, saying that if you do nothing you won’t break any rules.  You have to let tradition fall sometime, you have to take action, you have to eat bacon.”……

“Change,” Joshua said.  “A Messiah has to bring change.  Change comes through action.  Balthasar once said to me, ‘There’s no such thing as a conservative hero.’ ”

He’s right.  I can’t think of one Hero that was conservative.  To be a Hero you must take radical change.  Go against the grain.  Take chances.  Takes risks.  Break the mold!  Even let traditions fall….You have to realize that sometimes rules or agreements or whatever are created for a good reason BACK THEN, but that doesn’t mean that those reasons still stand.  Once we realize that something is “wrong” or not sitting well, it’s time to take a good look at why we do those things and really consider whether those decisions are still serving us.  If they are not, then make the change…even if it means ruffling a few feathers.  For that matter, on a very personal level, be your own Hero!  What in your life isn’t serving you?  Where are you just coasting by doing the same old things living the same old way and know that it’s not serving you?  Take a risk today to do something different and make your life better!  Stop being “conservative” and live your life OUT LOUD!!!!  EAT SOME BACON!!!!

Here’s another great thought and passage:

How many times have you heard this from someone in your life…..”If you already know everything, then how will I be able to teach you?  You must empty your cup before I can give you tea.”  LOL.  Right now I am taking a class called Science of Mind at my church.  And Rev. Jackie (our teacher) told us to take everything we ever learned in Sunday school or in other churches or other religious beliefs and forget about it for the next 10 weeks.  You can’t learn something, if you already know everything.  Then once you have gone through this class and have completed it, forget about it and get out there and start living!

“When you sit, sit.  When you breathe, breathe.  When you eat, eat.”….”Without the past, where is guilt?  And without the future, where is the dread?  And without guilt and dread, who am I?”  So many of my own spiritual teachers and even the books I have blogged about in this blog have said the same thing……..

Here is another thought that mirrored what I think and what I have been learning in my Science of Mind class:

“Love they neighbor as thou lovest thyself”….”for he is thee, and thou art he, and everything that is ever worth loving is everything.”  In other words, God is everything!

This thought just made me laugh:  “It’s very difficult to stay angry when a room full of bald guys in orange robes start giggling.  Buddhism”

A thought on compassion, and it describes the way I feel most of the time, “He loved constantly, instantly, spontaneously, without thought or words.  That’s what he taught me.  Love is not something you think about, it is a state in which you dwell.”  I  just thought that was a beautiful sentiment and description of the way we should all live our lives.  I know so many people who live their lives this way, and let me tell you from personal experience…..It is bliss.

There are so many great laughs and profound statements between the covers of this book.  But I will leave you with one last one, “What I am, is in you all.  the Divine Spark, The Holy Ghost, it unites you all.  It is the God that is in you all.”

One more thing before I end this blog.  There are alot of great nuggets of wisdom in this book.  These nuggets come from a few different spiritual traditions.  If you decide to pick up this book and read it, please realize that this is not supposed to be a true story and it is not supposed to be taken seriously!  It is satire, people!  With all of the wonderful insights I found in this book, you will find even more sex, scandal and plain silliness!  If you are easily offended, this may not be the book for you.  And if you don’t take yourself or your spiritual beliefs too seriously and you have a sense of humor about life, then by all  means, pick up this book and get ready for a great time!!!