It’s funny how names of books and authors come to me along this journey I am taking.  One of my friends on Facebook (whom I’ve never met) and I got into a conversation about books, and she said her favorite all time author is Christopher Moore.  I had no idea who he was or what kind of books he wrote.  She told me he was a satirical writer and if I was in the mood for a laugh, I should check out his books.

It was time for a new book, so I headed to the book store.  I looked up Christopher Moore and saw lots of books about vampires and death; not really my thing.  I kept looking, and I found this book.  I will be honest, I was looking at the numbers of pages too.  *laugh*  Having never read any of his books, I wanted to  make sure it was a small enough/doable enough of a book to be read in a week’s time.  If it was gonna be a slow and long read for me, I wanted as few pages as possible.  Is that bad?  It’s the truth.  However, this book spoke to me the minute I picked it up.  Any book that talks about mysticism and Native American Spirituality is right up my alley!  SOLD!  I thought, “There might actually be some teachable moments in this book!”  And to my delight, there was!

As promised, Christopher Moore is a very funny and talented writer!  The read was quick and fun (always a good thing when you are doing 52 books in 52 weeks!)  The storyline was captivating, and you couldn’t help but be drawn in to the drama, humor, and journey!  I even told my hubby that he would like the book (we don’t often like the same books).

Coyote Blue takes Samson Hunts Alone (Sam Hunter) on a true hero’s journey as outlined by Joseph Campbell (mythographer) and throws in the trickster archetype for some humor and adventure!  It’s a love story, but not just boy meets girl, but a love story with Self!  It actually went well with last weeks Celebration Message at the Treasure Valley Center for Spiritual Living.  (Didn’t see that one coming at all!)  This is what I wrote at the end of one of the chapters: “When we stop struggling and start dancing with God (accepting who we are and acknowledge the Divine within) and we live the way we are supposed to, everything falls into place.  We don’t have to DO we just have to BE.”

This book is about courage, self-acceptance, love, overcoming fears, family, community, hopes and dreams!  This book has such depth, it is actually kind of hard to write about it in a cohesive way.  I guess I will just encourage you to read the book and enjoy it!  In the mean time, here are some quotes from the book that I found interesting:

  • Why understand when you can believe?  For Calliope, every event was mystical and every moment magical; a flat tire could be a manifestation of karma, or a lizard might be Jimi Hendrix.  If she fell in love too easily and got hurt too often it wasn’t bad judgment, it was just faith.
  • Now you quit being afraid of things that ain’t happened yet.
  • To be safe is to be afraid.  Is that what you want: to be afraid?
  • Anger is the spirits tell you that you are alive.
  • If you are going to learn, you need to forget what you know.
  • That’s the scary thing about hope.  If you let it go too long it becomes faith.
  • Action based on hope just felt better than the paralysis of certainty.

At the end of the book, there are some great discussion questions.  I didn’t even see those when I bought the book.  *laugh*  This book is obviously marked for a book club; and it would be a fantastic read!  It has some great thoughts to sit and meditate on.  It has some great laughs.  It has some steamy love scenes.  It pretty much has it all :).