Keith Cook is a friend of mine on Facebook.  I am not entirely certain how we connected; though I think we connected first via twitter.  We share mutual interests like The Law of Attraction and Empowering others.  So when he posted a link letting his friends know that his ebook was available, I decided I must read it as part of my 52 in 52.  It was a VERY EASY read.  It is only 51 pages printed out.  You can read it in an hour or two, and since I was behind by 5 books; this was perfect!  *laugh*

The cover page of his book warns of adult language and content and some material may not be suitable for children.  Do not take this “warning” lightly :).  He was very serious.  However; I do not think it was gratuitous.  You needed to know this stuff to know where he came from and what his challenges were.  I will admit that sometimes I had a hard time reading the book, because like it alludes to on the front cover, it has some editing issues.  However, once you get past that, you find a great story!  Mostly you become a witness to Keith’s life: his struggles, his challenges, his heart breaks, and his successes!  For myself, I believe part of the reason I am here is to be just that..a witness for other people’s lives.

More importantly, I found that his story was actually mine.  He talks about being molested.  He talks about his promiscuity and looking for love in all the wrong places.  He talks about enabling his granddad financially and learning to let go.  He talks about his coach/mentor being found guilty for 2 life sentences for molestation (not of him).  I have walked similar paths.  I know what these things feel like.  I know what it feels like to walk through this and be grateful for all of this.  And in some ways, I am still growing and healing from these things.

Reading his book you take a journey with him as he finds out what his purpose is and how to use his talents.  You walk with him as he finds the love of his life.  And you celebrate with him when it all comes to a beautiful, successful “end”.  Then when his story ends, he shares with you the steps to take so that YOUR life can be just as successful.  He shares with you steps on how to follow The Law of Attraction.

Because this 51 page book was more about Keith telling his story than it was a teaching tool, there were not alot of great teaching quotes.  Yet, I did find a couple that were very profound for my own life……..

In regards to my relationship with James Arthur Ray (my mentor/coach/friend) who is awaiting the trial of 3 charges of manslaughter, I found this quote very useful:  “It was now time for me to become a guiding light for myself.  We had shared 16 years together.  I could do it.  Pull from  my experience and make it happen.”  “I’m thankful for the experiences and time we spent together.  It made life easier and more manageable to know what to expect and do when certain situations came up.”

In regards to the challenges of my life:  “Life was preparing me to become a leader.  I decided what I wanted to have, do, and be in life.  I developed a clear picture of my goals and wrote about them everyday. I took time to meditate in order to help me gain clarity awareness, and become more sensitive to my emotions.”  I do believe that my challenges happened to prepare me to be an inspirational leader, and the rest of that quote is a great reminder of what I NEED to do now to move forward to reach my dreams and goals :).

He talks about an Hour of Power every day:  20 minutes of physical exercise, 20  minutes of reading a good book, and 20 minutes of daydreaming on the pictures of his vision board.      I MUST make a new vision board!!!

Here is another great quote:  “It has been my experience that those who speak most of health have it, those who speak most of love have it, those who speak most of sickness have it, and those who speak most of loneliness have it.”    So…what do YOU think and speak about?

As a people pleaser and someone who is constantly wanting to help people out of THEIR problems, I found this quote very helpful:  “I freed myself of the responsibility of trying to make other people happy.  I respected and loved them enough to allow them to take care of their own happiness.”  I continually believe that I know what is best for those who are struggling and instead of waiting on THEM to as for help, I enable them.  I recognized this a couple of weeks ago with a situation with our “bonus child”.  It was very empowering to know that I don’t have to do anything or offer anything.  It is NOT my responsibility to offer  help before it is asked of me.  I learned this lesson from reading The Four Agreements and the Fifth Agreement, and it was reiterated here in H.E.L.P.  Do you think I need another knock on the head?  Ya, I don’t think so either :).

So you can purchase this ebook on Keith’s website:    It is $9.95 with some powerful lessons for 2 hours of reading.  Check it out :).