First let me say, I love all of Dan Millman’s books!  If you haven’t read Way of the Peaceful Warrior, it’s a  MUST read.  Check it out in the library, buy it in the book store, whatever you gotta do, just do it!  *laugh*

As you might have guessed.  I LOVE books.  So a trip to the book store for ONE books, usually means I come out with 2 or 3 of them.  🙂  So it should be no surprise to anyone that when I went to the book store to pick up The Four Agreements and The Fifth Agreement, I decided to look around at what else was out there.  Sure enough, I came across a book by Dan Millman that I had no yet read:  The Laws of Spirit.  At only 110 pages, I thought this would be the perfect book to read while I waited for my friend who was having surgery.

It’s a narrative about a man who takes a hike and comes across a hut with a sage living there….way up in the  mountains.  He ends up spending a couple of days with this sage and they hike through the woods.  While spending this time with her, she shares with him the Laws of Spirit.  It is a spellbinding  journey that is sure to delight you and inspire you to grow.  I LOVED it!

Here are a quick list of the laws as listed in the book:  Balance, Choices, Process, Presence, Compassion, Faith, Expectation, Integrity, action, Cycles, Surrender and Unity.

At the beginning of each chapter there is a philosophical/poetic passage about each law, and then there is a quote by some great thinking/author/spiritual person.  This book is a treasure chest filled with gems!

As usual, there are so many deep thoughts and quotes I would love to share with you.  But I think I will let you discover them on your own.  This truly is a quick and fun read.  You will enjoy it.  However, I will leave you with this beautiful gem…for all of you cat lovers out there, this is for you:

“No cat I have ever known gave much due to past or future.  Like the wisest of sages, cats live each moment afresh.”  I’ll let you figure out which Law this pertains to :).

Create a beautiful day!