Okay, there was another quote from the second chapter of this book that really spoke to me.  It reminded me of why I started this particular blog and called it “The God Project”.

“Finally, profound moments of spiritual and religious experience take us beyond indentification with our isolated egos.  The sense of separateness falls away as we come into some deeper understanding of ‘It All’.”

“Whatever else we may seem to be, we’re also reflections or expressions of…and then we get names for the nameless:  ‘Awareness,’ ‘Being,’ ‘God,’ ‘Life,’ ‘the Formless,’ ‘the Way.’  Whatever it is, whatever it’s called, there’s only One of it.  It’s present in all creation.  We ourselves are rooted in it.  It is our essence.”

“Who we are, from this perspective, begins with the One.  Unity, not separateness, is our starting point.  And while our ego doesn’t disappear, its importance is certainly put in perspective as a result of having experienced a higher Self.”

Put simply, “We are one.”

We (or I) have spent so much time looking for God or Divinity outside of ourselves, yet all along, IT resides WITHIN us..each of us.  And when I thought about that, and realized simply, “We are one,” I saw the timeless beauty and Truth.

Here is another great quote that really describes “The God Project”

To study the Way is to study the Self.

To study the Self is to forget the Self.

To forget the Self is to be enlightened by all things.

To be enlightened by all things is to remove the barrier between Self and Other.

~Dogen Zenji