Have you ever heard of a flash mob?  It’s a group of people that meet at a pre-determined area at a certain time and then “all of a sudden” start doing the same thing….dancing, pillow fights, water gun fights, singing..you name it.  Then just as quickly as they appear, they disperse.  Check out “flash mob” on YouTube and you will find great examples.

Well today in Boise, the Boise Flash Mom held a Non-Protest.  The theme was “Everything’s Fine”.  Our chant:  “What do we want?….NOTHING!”  “When do we want it?……WHENEVER!”  or maybe even a random singing of “Happy Birthday” or cheering on the guys across the street who were unloading a van.  Our sole purpose was to be there and share the spirit of good will and joy with our community.  It felt almost like a random act of kindness.

I woke up my kids this morning and asked if they wanted to go.  My daughter, Naomi was all ready for it, but the teenagers were not thrilled about being woken up.  They didn’t understand what the point was.  (This coming from 2 boys who constantly make silly signs and stand on the street corner just to get people to honk or laugh.)  So we all made signs this morning and headed down to the Boise City Hall in downtown Boise.  We were  joined by a bunch of other people with signs that said various things like: “Bacon..Soggy or Crispy?”, “My Dog is Happy”, “Honk if you love something”, “Everything is okay”, or posters of Celebrities like Orlando Bloom or Snow White.  The signs were completely random, but the spirit among the non-protesters was that of sheer joy!  And the people of Boise?  They responded with honking horns, cheers, laughter and even some serious questions.  “What’s this all about?”  When I told one man that it was about being silly and joyful, his reply was “I have so many blessings in my life. Thank you for the reminder.  This is a great thing!”

So what does this have to do with “The God Project”?  Everything.  It was such a special experience to share with my children.  Remember when I said, I take myself too seriously?  Well here was a chance to be joyous, silly, and fun..and to share it with my children and my community. It was a chance to share the joy with the city of Boise and bring smiles to strangers!  It was awesome, and I highly recommend you find a Flash Mob in your area and get involved!