When I was little going to church was everything to me. I remember  there were times when my parents didn’t want to go to church, and I would cry and beg them to go.  I loved my personal walk with God. I loved the fellowship with the kids in my church.  I loved everything about it.  For a period of about 3 years, I was going to church 6 days out of 7.  I went to my church, my youth group, my choir practice and I did all of the things at my boyfriend’s (now husband’s) church too.  Church and my walk with God was everything to me.

I was raised in an Assembly of God church and my husband was raised in a Seventh Day Adventist church.  The two don’t really mix well.  At 18, I was baptised into the SDA church and we stayed there until 1997 or so.  I had some serious parts of life by then, and I realized that the conservative beliefs of the SDA church did not sit well with what I truly believed deep down in my heart.  I wasn’t certain I would ever find a church for me to belong to; for that matter, i wasn’t certain I even knew what I believed.

By the time 1999/2000 came around, I was studying mythology in college.  This is when I realized that I really didn’t believe in a Heaven up in the sky or a Hell down below the earth.  I didn’t believe in a God with a long white beard who pointed a finger and judged.  I didn’t believe in a God who would send people to hell to suffer the rest of their days in the after life.  I didn’t believe in a mansion in heaven that only the good could go to.  I didn’t believe that Same Sex relationships were wrong or a sin.  I believed in LOVE.  I believed that Heaven and/or Hell were right now, where we are…..we choose which we live in right now..Heaven or Hell.  I studied myths from all cultures and found out that every single one of them shared the same archetypes and stories; so how could we all be so different?  I realized that every spiritual tradition had the same stories just different names for the characters.  We all came from the same source…call it God/Spirit/Creator.  Then I found the Unity Church.  It was perfect for us at the time.

When we moved from Arizona to Idaho, we left behind the Unity church.  There wasn’t one here.  And we followed our eldest son’s interest in Wicca.  We studied the Western Earth Based religions.  We found beautiful rituals and prayers and a sense of peace in these studies.  Yet, I was still more in tune with Eastern beliefs and metaphysical studies.  How do I combine the two.

Anyway, we have spent years studying, and after 3 years of not belonging to a church, I found that I miss that sense of community and fellowship.  Today, Naomi and I visited The Center for Spiritual Living here in Boise.  I cried all the way through the service.  The service was filled with love, peace, and beauty.  If I wasn’t crying, I was nodding my head in agreement.  I found home.  The minute we walked in there, we were asked, “Would you like a hug?”  That is my kind of place!

Here are a few quotes from the teachings that really hit home today:

“All things are done to us as we believe.”  We were encouraged to really explore what we believe….so what do YOU believe?

When we ask “How can I express more love?” we find our purpose.  This is so true!  To me, expressing more love is being of service to others, and that is certainly my purpose in life.

“Whatever IT is, I am a natural extension of that, and so are you.” ~ Earnest Holmes

This is a beautiful church that teaches everything I believe… New Though mixed with Old Wisdom…respecting and drawing from Islam, Christianity, Shamanic & Hinduism traditions…always recognizing the Divine within us all.  Truly beautiful…..Love is all there is!