For those of you who don’t know me, I tend to take myself much too seriously.  Actually, I take life much too seriously.  I spent my whole childhood being my mom’s confidante and friend instead of just being a child.  I spent most of my childhood being abused.  These are not complaints; they are statements.  They are facts.  These facts have molded me to become the woman I am today, and I think (for the most part) I am pretty incredible.

I have a little brother who is 13 months and a day younger than I am, and we were raised like twins.  We did everything together.  The only issue we had is that anytime we tried to rough house or play a game, it ended up in a knock down  knock out brawl.  We didn’t know how to play.  Even if we played a board game someone always ended up accusing the other of cheating.  Play/Game time just wasn’t fun when we were kids.

As an adult, I have to *work* at playing.  I have to *work* at laughing and not taking myself and life so seriously.

So today, with fresh snow on the ground, I gathered up my family and went sledding.  I was able to laugh and be silly.  Snow does this for me.  It’s magical.  It has some kind of magical power that lets me just be a kid!  I get to make snowmen.  I get to sled down a hill screaming at the top of my lungs.  I get to have snowball fights with my kids and laugh.  That is what we did today.  I needed it.  I needed that feeling of just being a kid.  When was the last time YOU allowed yourself to just be a kid…be silly..laugh like no one is watching..and just have fun?

On a different note.  This morning, when I tried to go back to bed at 230am, I still couldn’t sleep.  And just like the name of this blog came at me loud and clear, so did that same voice saying “Breathing Miracle”.  I had no idea what the heck that meant!  I decided to do a Google search on “Breathing Miracle” and as expected I found things related to people who have survived cancer or other diseases.  But I also found a really cool site based out of England:  The Science and Medical Network…Exploring and Expanding the Frontiers of Science, Medicine, and Spirituality.  Right up my alley!  There were a couple of books that really peaked my interest and are definitely going to be on my list to read for the 52 weeks.  One is:  Spiritual Evolution: A Scientific Defense of Faith by George E. Vallaint and the other is The Oxygen Prescription by Nathaniel.

So far this voice in my head is giving me much to think about and some pretty good guidance.   I think I will keep listening.

In the mean time I need to finish the book I am currently reading:  The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown.  I love his books; they always make me think.  My dad was a Mason and his dad died a Mason in Good Standing.  My mom and her mom were both Eastern Stars.  This world intrigues me, and I wish my parents had encouraged us to get involved.  But they didn’t.  They thought it was “wrong” and “evil”.  I believe the total opposite, and even though I realize Dan Brown’s books are fiction, much of what he writes is based in truth, and there is always something to learn.  This book talks a great deal about Noetic Science:   the study of mind and intuition, and its relationship with the divine intellect.  Again, right up my alley!

Something else pretty interesting about all of this is that the other day we went to see the movie Men Who Stare at Goats.  It was a comedy/satire about just this subject.  They were making fun of people who think they can turn particles into waves…like walking through a wall or bending a spoon.  But why couldn’t you?  Everything IS energy.  Noetic Science…..definitely something to look into.

There is truly something about the Great Mysteries of life.